360 virtual tours

modern virtual tours


Customized virtual tours, created manually scene by scene, offer detailed information such as points of interest, links, photos, videos and aerial views. With 360-degree navigation, allow your clients to explore the environment, enjoy panoramic images and access details without being physically there.

sales increase

Virtual tours help customers better understand the benefits of a service, increasing the possibilities of booking hotels, restaurants or properties for sale or rent.

customer satisfaction

They set accurate customer expectations, promote decision making, and generate better reviews.

cost reduction

They reduce the costs associated with in-person visits, optimizing staff time and travel expenses.

A tour with infinite possibilities

Imagination is the last limit

Additions depend on the specific purpose of the virtual tour and the type of experience you are looking to offer. The key is to provide an interactive, informative and engaging experience that adapts to the needs and preferences of the target audience.

the additions

Improvement elements

Photographs and Panoramic Views: High-quality static images that show different areas and perspectives of the place.

Integrate multiple tours: in one, such as exploring a community and different floors within it.

Videos: Video sequences that provide a dynamic view of the environment, such as aerial drone tours or clips that highlight specific aspects.

Aerial perspectives: panoramas, photographs and videos captured with the drone.

Descriptive Information: Texts that provide information about points of interest, history, architecture, etc.

Interactive Links: Links that allow users to access more information, such as related websites, additional documents, or multimedia resources.

Interactive Navigation: Tools that allow users to explore the environment interactively.

Ambient Sounds: Audio that plays characteristic sounds of the place, such as local music, natural sounds or specific effects.

Virtual Reality (VR): The possibility of experiencing the tour using virtual reality devices for total immersion.

Interactive map: A map that shows the layout of the place and allows users to easily navigate between different locations.

Interactive games: Playful elements that involve users and challenge them to discover more about the place in a fun way.

Guided Tour: An option to have a virtual guide lead the tour, provide commentary and share interesting anecdotes.

Customization of the Tour: Building your brand identity encompasses key elements such as your logo, color palette, and carefully selected set of icons.

Share on Social Networks: Integration with social networks so that users can easily share their virtual experience with friends and followers.

Photographs and Panoramic Views

Integrate multiple tours


aerial perspectives

Descriptive Information

Interactive Links

Interactive Navigation

Ambient Sounds

Virtual Reality (VR)

Interactive map

Interactive games

Guided Tour

Tour Customization

Share on Social Networks

Examples of virtual visits

For every need a solution

Educational excursion from an institute

This tour allows parents to explore the institute, visit school laboratories and obtain information about the equipment in each classroom.

Virtual tour of a house for sale

The intention of this tour is to ensure that there are no more than 3-4 logically ordered steps between each point of the tour