Comprehensive Visual Marketing Services

PHOTOGRAPHY, video and drone

For more than two decades, photography has been both my passion and my profession, building an outstanding career that spans more than 3,000 diverse projects. My main focus has been on the visual capture of real estate, tourism, as well as cultural and natural heritage.

Beautiful morning by Miro Slavin (Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski).

Clear Focus, Adequate Lighting, Creative Perspective, Clean Backgrounds, Tight Framing Color and Contrast, Use of Details, Balanced Composition, Relevant Context, Subtle Editing, Variety of Angles


traditional but modern

Promotional photography consists of the creation of visual images intended to promote and highlight products, services or brands for advertising purposes. A business can take advantage of it by using professional images that effectively convey the quality and distinctive attributes of its offerings, thereby capturing the attention of the target audience and strengthening its presence in the market.

Photographs raise customer expectations by offering a clear vision of the services and benefits they will find when they arrive at your business. This approach helps to consolidate correspondence with your expectations, increasing positive reviews and reducing negative ratings.

  • Promote and highlight products, services or brands
  • Convey quality and attributes
  • Get attention
  • Strengthen market presence
  • Set expectations to build trust


Visual marketing in the world of social networks

Video is highly effective at conveying information, connecting emotionally with audiences, and increasing engagement and retention of marketing messages. Videos on social networks expand the reach and customer interaction, increasing the virality of the content, promoting complete viewing, improving SEO and reducing the bounce rate.

  • Social interaction
  • More participation
  • Improved SEO
  • emotional connection


New insights

I am a professional drone pilot, registered with the state aviation safety agency. The material produced can be used legally in your commercial content.

Stunning aerial shots

Drones can capture unique and beautiful aerial images and videos, impossible to achieve through traditional photography. These shots highlight the beauty and features of a property or location, making it more attractive to potential clients by providing perspectives from various angles and heights.