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My real Name is Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski. I can Bet you are unable to read that so let stay with Miro Slavin. I am a professional photographer living and working right now at Costa Brava in Spain. My gallery is situated at Costa Brava in Andalusia where I spent more than 10 years but as I am adventure guy I had to move on for a change.

I love taking photographs of Landscape, but I do appreciate working for the real estate industry. Although Photography is my main occupation with the time I am getting deeper into video production. The newest skill is flying a drone. Recently I passed all the needed exams and officially I become a pilot. To see all my services please refer to the Services page.


As a young boy, I had a small box where I kept my favorite photographs kut out of magazines. I always had it with me and looked at them frequently. Right now I have it clear that already than I had this drive toward photography. I grew up in Communistic Poland so it was not before I was 18 when I actually hold my first photo camera in my hand. It was a Russian Zenit - Fotosnajper. Heavy and bulky equipment. The good side of this camera was that I was forced to learn and practice photography theory as without it I would be just wasting money on developing bad photographs.

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At this time I was preparing to study architecture. I learned perspective, control of shadows and composition whilst studying architectural perspective drawing in Cracow in Poland. At this time I was drawing every single day.

I always was an adventure person. I traveled hitchhiking through almost the whole of Europe and even as far as Turkey. I lived one year in Florida in USA, studied in ACMT in Dubrovnik in Croatia and Jagiellonian University in Cracow in Poland. After school, I worked in London in tourist office Balcan Holidays, and I become tour representative in Montenegro where I was organizing trips for Polish tourists. In the year 2000 I have got my first photography job. I traveled along the coast of Croatia hunting for photographs for a Polish travel agency Travel One.

Photo by Miro Slavin, Otra Vista Gallery - 20160209-_MIR5178 by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.

Searching for the worm place I end up in Andalusia. Where in 2009 I opened my first photo gallery. Although that was the economic crisis time it has survived and is still a great place to buy photography prints of my explorations. In the Gallery, customers can find photos of Frigiliana, Nerja, Costa del Sol, and many other places.


You have to keep in mind that a photo camera is just a tool. different people use the camera and do completely different things with it. One will be photographing babies, another will be photographing tanks, and soldiers. My camera is being used to capture beautiful places. in opposite to photojournalist, I need a tripod, and time ( a lot of it). I need to contemplate the scene before I even take the camera to my hand. Before photography, I was painting and drawing and even though years have passed I follow an example of painters while choosing compositions. Photo camera is just my favorite tool to create a "Picture".


For a few years I was providing photographs to local magazines and newspapers. Many of them end up as covers and also as photography of the month.