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Since my childhood, I was interested in visual arts. Very often I was choosing drawing and painting over other activities. I learned perspective, control of shadows and composition whilst studying architectural perspective drawing in Cracow in Poland. I resigned from architecture as my other passion for traveling, took control.

Not being able to decide I took gape year of school and I spent it in Florida in USA. It was here where I bought my very first Profesional SLR camera. The adventure part of me, led me to Croatia where I studied Management of Hotels at ACMT. During my studies in Dubrovnik, I had many opportunities to practice the "craft" of photography. And than in the year 2000 I have got my first photography job. I traveled along the coast of Croatia hunting for photographs for Polish travel agency.

Although it took few years to become pro photographer living only from the photography I knew already than that I want to follow this path. I spent two summer seasons as a tour organizer and guide in Montenegro. At this time I was too young to decide where to live so I went to London where I worked at Tour operator office dealing with Balkan countries. Because I already Spent one year in Florida, and a couple of years in Croatia and Montenegro I knew that North is not for me. That is how I finished In Spain.

After one year of living in Mojacar in Almeria, trying my luck on the coast of Cadiz, spending another year in Almuñecar on the Granadian Coast I finally came to Frigiliana on the Costa del Sol.

In Frigiliana, things went straight forward. Mariage, Baby, First exhibitions, first photography print sales, first publications. At some point, people started to ask me to take photographs of their families or houses on sale. I became a full time and full mind photographer. It became clear to me that I need a place opened for the public. That is how I opened my first gallery in Frigiliana in 2009*.

After 11 years of living in Andalusia, I started to miss green trees and lakes and the rain and rivers. After discovering Costa Brava in Catalonia I moved to always green Baix Emporda and I love it. Having a good luck for a great people I was able to leave gallery in hands of Amanda who takes care of good services in the gallery while I am away.

In Catalunia I work professionally with real-estate agents where I provide professional services for real-estate agencies producing photos, videos, 360 virtual tours and soon drone photography.  As the Otra Vista gallery is a creation of my life I keep coming to Andalusia often to refresh the collection to keep contact with the place where I spent a big part of my life.

*It was the first gallery. another gallery I had was in Nerja on Costa del Sol and also in Pals in Catalonia



You have to keep in mind that a photo camera is just a tool. different people use the camera and do completely different things with it. One will be photographing babies, another will be photographing tanks, and soldiers. My camera is being used to capture beautiful places. in opposite to photojournalist, I need a tripod, and time ( a lot of it). I need to contemplate the scene before I even take the camera to my hand. Before photography, I was painting and drawing and even though years have passed I follow an example of painters while choosing compositions. Photo camera is just my favorite tool to create a "Picture".  And it pushes me into an adventure of a search for new another views (in Spanish - Otra Vista).