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20140913-_DSC5589 2014 by Miro Slavin Otra Vista gallery by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


30 x 20cm


Recommended frame

30 x 40 cm

This size comes in two different options: The photo by itself rolled up in a tube or a slightly more expensive option is the photo fixed to the special high quality card, with a white margin on each side. This makes the photo stronger and ready to frame.Total size of mounted photo is 30 x 40 cm, and is shipped flat and protected by a light wooden board.

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20140913-_DSC5597 2014 by Miro Slavin Otra Vista gallery by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


45 x 30cm


Recommended frame

40 x 55 cm

Very nice size for corridors, staircases, or as a small collection in a living room. It also mixes easily with regular size photos. In small places, like the bathroom, the photograph will appear like it was bigger.

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20140913-_DSC5605 2014 by Miro Slavin Otra Vista gallery by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


60 x 40cm


Recommended frame

50 x 70 cm

With very good detail, it is a size that is visible throughout the room. This is exactly the size, if you want to have a large picture but you don't have much space, and also if you prefer to have two large ones instead of one X Large.

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20140913-_DSC5611 2014 by Miro Slavin Otra Vista gallery by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


75 x 50cm


Recommended frame

70 x 100 cm

It is our biggest size (unless you specify that you need something even bigger). Hung on the wall it will dominate the surrounding, so it is very good size to fill up any empty walls. Treat this size as a window you would like to have. [/su_column]



[su_tab title="- TIPS AND ADVICES -"] PHOTO WALL by .
  • Although not a rule of a thumb, we do recommend selecting night and evening photographs for your bedroom, or other places where you spend late hours.
  • Abstract photos and details can be mixed in a great numbers. Keep in mind to preserve some balance of colors between photographs.
  • Decorative photographs can be used to add some color and interest to any empty spaces such as kitchen or hallway.
  • Landscapes and seascapes can be treated as a windows so big size is recommended for them.
  • Before hanging, arrange all photos flat on the ground to judge the effect.
  • Group pictures by color or subject. you can also change the color or the subject by introducing another photo in the middle that connects two different photos. For example, you could hang the sea-scape and the photo of a white village by introducing a photo of a house on the beach.
Bez-nazwy-2 by .
  • Treat the wall as a unique composition. If you have two photos of a coast, it would be better idea to put them face to face, instead of back to back. The viewer's eye will stay longer contemplating the views.
Bez-nazwy-3 by .
  • Symmetry of a set gives an elegant and clean look to the wall.
  • Consider both: vertical and horizontal symmetry.
  • Fix a small piece of double-coated tape in the bottom of the frame, so it does not tilt !
  • In a row: By placing an odd number of pictures in a horizontal line to each other give a sense of space. This works well in hallways or stairwells.
  • You can also arrange multiple pictures in geometric shapes like a square , rectangular and even oval. Make sure that inside those shapes there are some vertical or horizontal alignment for the pictures.
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