Marbella - ref:29S by Miro Slavim Szwajcarzewski.

Right photo framing

Thoughtful framing ads information and interest to the photo

Architectural interior photography by Miro Slavim Szwajcarzewski.

Perspective control

Size of the space should reflect reality

Architectural exterior photography by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.

Right time

Correct decision about the time of the photo shooting

- photography - 20150825-_MIR7119 by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.

Professional lightening techniques

Lights can add impact to the photo and reveal unseen

Only a few decades ago agency to have quality photographs hed to employ full-time photographers or they were doing cheap photographs by themself. The problem with employing a photographer is that you have to pay him even when it is raining two months in a row and doing photographs by employees from the office is a bad idea as the quality never reach a professional level and is time-consuming and counterproductive.

Contracting self-employed photographer or media producer is the best solution.


1- Studies have shown that professional photographs can increase the number of clicks on the property by 100%

2-High-quality images give you a more professional look. Your professional portfolio will give more confidence both to the seller and to the buyer.

3-Saves your time. Taking photos, editing them and resizing takes time and you still might be far from professional effect. Property owners also are not very happy when they clean the house just to see that it is the agent that snaps the photos instead of a professional photographer.

4-Sell faster. Homes that are listed using professional images tend to sell faster. Studies have shown that professional real estate photography can help a listing sell around 50% faster than comparable homes without professional photography.

5- I do not only photography but also video, virtual tours, 2D floor plans, 3D models and Dron photography.

6- You pay per work not for time.

7- Experience - I Photographed more than 2000 properties for more than 20 agencies.

8- I have a degree in marketing and always I use my knowledge to create the image that sells the product.


I can offer you every image service you can think of to help you sell faster and for a better price. I photographed in my life more than 2000 properties, created over 200 virtual tours and filmed a few hundreds of video walk-through. The reason I did so many jobs is that I create professional material and I give very good prices for bulk orders.

The final price list will be created during the meeting with you. There is many issues to talk about. The important points we need to clear out are:

  • How many properties there will be photographed?
  • What photography style you prefer?
  • How many photos do you need?
  • Size of the properties?
  • Work organization process?
  • What services do you want in a pack?

I need to understand what you need to give you a price list but you can be sure that we can come up with the right price level.


photo Camera


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Please contact me directly at my phone

(0034) 658314860

  • I am located in Palafrugell at Costa del Sol. I do photography in L'Escala, Torroella de Montgree, Estartit, Palamos, Platia D'Aro, Calonge, Sant Feliu but also I travel often to Andalusia.
  • Limitations: Baing exclusive photographer for Cala Marquesa I am not allowed to take photographs of real estate in Palafrugell and Begur. This does not apply to photographs of Hotels or Restaurants.

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Since 2006I have taken photos of about 2000 properties of any kind. I worked for individual clients, restaurants, hotels but mostly for real estate agencies. What makes me different from other photographers is the fact that I learned perspective from the best architects in Cracow, drawing it on the paper. I am very precise in my framing and my equipment allows me to deal with any kind of situation. You will not regret contacting me.


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