There are a few reasons why floor plans can help you sell faster.

Firstly they help potential buyers to get a clear idea about the layout and the size of the place but it helps them to plan the changes to make.

It also shows that you are a serious and prepared seller outstanding from the rest.

I have two options for you. 2D floor plans called also blueprints and 3D models.

When I was buying my apartment I spend weeks studying the plans I was provided with. I could plan new furniture or even moving walls. with no plans, I wouldn't be able to plan anything until receiving keys, but with the plan, I could have everything ready by the time of receiving the keys.

3D model

In some cases, sellers are just wasting time selling a property without 3D plans. If your apartment is not in the best shape and needs renovation you will have hard times to convince potential buyers that it is worth the money you ask. at the end, you will have to lower the price by much more than those plans are worth. Also if your property is messy and full of out-styled furniture, not even photographs will help to sell it.

3D plans just like blueprints can show the layout of your house but what's more, they also can show the best possible version of the property. Not everyone has the imagination needed to visualize the apartment after the renovation.

My plans will show the best version of your property.



from 1,7 Euro per square meter



Hand-measured precise plans show the layout of the house. All structural items such as windows, doors, and stairs are placed. I add some furniture such as kitchen and bathroom appliances. This is important to make buyers understand the water supply. I also put some furniture such as beds, sofas, and dining tables to make it clear how much space there actually is. Plans come with all important measures so the buyer can plan to buy new furniture.



1,3 Euro per square meter

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