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During the previous 20 years, everything in marketing has changed. The quality of photography got much better, drones were invented and YouTube has changed our way of viewing videos also completely new ideas have emerged such as virtual tours. I keep my mind open to all new technologies.



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photo Camera


Photography will stay for the next decades the most important piece of marketing. It can be used on the website, easily shared, and printed on paper.


  1. During my carrier, I photographed about 3 thousand objects.
  2. Amazing discounts for agencies
  3. Professional equipment with the right lenses, speed lights, filters, and tripods
  4. Available within days.
  5. no additional cost for works within 50 km from Palafrugell.
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Video service is a beneficial resource mainly thanks to social networks. A video can show all the information about the house in just a few minutes. 

There are two types of videos that I can do for you.

  1. Video walk-through - The video is made in one single shot. This is the less expensive option but in some cases, the video can be too long. The video length is between 3 and 5 minutes depending on the property size.
  2. Fully edited video - Many short videos are arranged to create an interesting and exciting presentation.
  3. Aerial shots - in many cases drone is the best tool to represent the overall view of a property.

Fully edited video with drone futage

Simple video walk through

Fully edited video

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This is the future. The virtual tour guarantees you considerable savings. You can now show the property to anyone without leaving the office. 

  1. high-quality photo spheres with a lot of details.
  2. Full image edition
  3. Connection between the spheres
  4. Possibility to create a 3D model (dollhouse)
  5. Optional administrative account


Administrative account includes:

  1. Possibility to make video chat through the VT
  2. Show house - show the property to many clients at once
  3.  Your own Branding

VT of a modern beachfront house

VT with dollhouse 3d model

VT with dollhouse 3d model

VT with dollhouse 3d model

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Floor-plans and 3D models

Floor plans help customers to understand the structure and the size of the building. Plans not only help you to sell but will strengthen your reputation as a seller when new owners will make refurbishments using plans you provided.

3D models

If your house needs reformation. making the 3d model can help sell it. 3D models come with a set of modern furniture, clean interior design and will give the potential buyers the idea of possibilities.

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