Miro Professional but still passionate photographer. Precise eye and knowledge of his art, makes this collection what it is. His second passion is the Otra Vista gallery and the idea behind it. So when he is not creating photographs he probably is thinking how to make things better.

From an early age Miro Slavin showed a big interest in visual art. Choosing drawing and painting over other interests. By the age of 17 he had his first exhibition of drawings. Having learned perspective, control of shadows and composition whilst studying architectural perspective drawing in Cracow he discovered his passion for Fine art photography. Whilst continuing his studies in Dubrovnik in Croatia he had many opportunities to practice his craft.
During his second year there he got his first assignment photographing the Croatian coast for a Polish tour operator. Shortly after arriving on the Costa del Sol in Spain he secured his reputation as an architectural photographer and at the same time he started to sell his personal fine art work. In 2010 he opened his gallery in Frigiliana in Malaga province and from 2015 he decided to live and create in Catalonia.


Art is an effect of translating ones thoughts and feelings into a media that can be understood by another person. An artist produces a body of work over a lifetime whether this is done through photography, music, painting or other media it is irrelevant and depends only on an artist’s personality and education. Personally I like art to be of quality. Just like in a good book. There should be a sense, a structure and a point.

Look at great painters. Not only did they have a vision but also they knew the techniques and they all had their own style. They didn’t stop developing their skills at the age of 16. Instead they were working hard and continuously learning.

I myself  did go through painting and drawing to finally stay with photography, only because I love the final effect made with this technique, and the process of doing it. When I will get old and calm I will possibly get back to the painting.

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The final photo depends on correct decisions such as the choice of the moment of the day, the lens, light and shadow, composition, perspective, colours, patterns, textures, balance, drama, settings of photo-camera (white balance, contrast, B&W), and so on.

The art of photography comes from the photographer’s ability to contemplate the visual aspects of the view, his decision of what to include in the frame and where and how big the subject should be in the frame.

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

― Ansel Adams