Otra Vista Gallery

Otra Vista Gallery

Otra Vista Gallery has been showing and selling work by Miro Slavin since 2010. Some of his works were locally recognized already. Many of those photos were published on the front pages of English Magazines in Andalusia and some others were winners of local photography competitions or were part of Exhibition in Nerja, Frigiliana, and Torrox.

The gallery is almost entirely dedicated to landscapes of Andalusia but in between few hundreds of photographs in our collection, you can also find many almost painterly images of different places and subjects.

Calle Real 14, 29788 Frigiliana (Malaga - Costa del Sol) Click here for a map


10:00 - 14:00


On this page, you will find few hundreds of photographs. We separated them into places and subject so you will have an easier way to find what you are looking for. We hope you will enjoy. Let us know if you need any assistance.

-  photography - Miro Slavin_Otra Vista 3369 by Miro Slavin (Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski).


Nature is a broad category. In this collection, you will find landscape photographs of many places but also details of our living planet.

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La Primera ola - Almuñecar, Andalusia 2007 photography - Miro Slavin_Otra Vista 0364 by Miro Slavin (Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski).


If there is something magic in this world, it is the sea and the ocean. First of all, it is huge, furthermore, it is still […]

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Lucky seven  - Costa del sol photography - Miro Slavin_Otra Vista 0683 by Miro Slavin (Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski).


Portraits of people from Spain, Morocco, Cuba, and few other places. My framing tends to be inspired by the classical paintings. Therefore the background is […]

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Lonely at the sea side - Tossa de Mar, Catalonia,  Spain, 2014 photography - Miro Slavin_Otra Vista 2432 by Miro Slavin (Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski).


Costa Brava is my favorite coast of all I visited in my life. I have never seen so much diversity as here. In the walking distance, I […]

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Waiting for the sunset - Frigiliana 2014 photography - Miro Slavin_Otra Vista 2030 by Miro Slavin (Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski).


Frigiliana is by far the most beautiful of all white towns of Andalusia. Only door, windows, and flower pots here are in full color. The […]

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Blue summer - Nerja 2009 - One of the last of romantic places on the Costa del sol. photography - Miro Slavin_Otra Vista 1091 by Miro Slavin (Miroslaw Szwajcarzewski).


Nerja is a very first town on the Costa del Sol. But ti is very different than the rest of the towns on the coast. […]

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sizes 2018 by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.
R - 20cm x 30cm
M - 30cm x 45cm
L - 40cm x 60cm
XL - 50cm x 75cm
CANVAS We also have available canvas prints in many sizes up to 1,5 meter on the longer side. Please contact us to get the quote and place the order.


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