Miro Slavin Photography – Otra Vista Gallery


Calle Real 14, 29788 Frigiliana (Malaga - Costa del Sol)

The home of my gallery is situated in the most beautiful Andalusian town, in Frigiliana. This Moorish, white town is surrounded by mountains and only a few kilometers from the rocky cliffs and beaches of Nerja. For 10 years I had many photo-adventures here, the effect of which is my gallery Otra Vista which function since 2010.

  • Monday to Saturday
    10:00 - 15:00 19:00 - late night
Lucky 7 - Costa del sol 2008. Seven ole men are sitting in the shadow and chatting - Lucky 7 by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


Portraits of people from Spain, Morocco, Cuba, and few other places. My framing tends to be inspired by the classical paintings. Therefore the background is the theatre and the person is an actor.

Miro Slavin - Otra vista - 20160516-_MIR5275 by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


Malta is a strange place. It is the Island between Europe and Africa. Although nature here is almost out of existence, the Barrocan towns make it up for it. Worth to notice here, are especially coastal towns.

La costa magnifica by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


If there is something magic in this world, it is the sea and the ocean. First of all, it is huge, furthermore, it is still unknown, finally, it is different in every moment. I can’t imagine living far away from the sea.

Forgotten knowledge by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


I like the philosophical contemplation of ruined and abandoned places. Due to colorful textures, created by time, I get this feeling of fragility and the passing time. Probably this is my favorite category of photography.

"Power of sun" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


Nerja is a very first town on the Costa del Sol. But ti is very different than the rest of the towns on the coast. This easy going town has many small beaches separated with rocky cliffs. Also, the National Park Sierra Tejeda is just a walking distance from here.


Nature is the broad category. In this collection, you will find landscape photographs of many places but also details of our living planet.

"Main gate" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


Morocco is the gate to Africa. Places like Chefchauen or Ait Ben Hadu, look like frozen in time. And towns, like Fez or Marrakesh, surprise with their sophisticated, antique architecture.

"Spring flowers" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


 This white, Moorish town lays on the edge of the gorge of the river Higueron. In addition, the slopes of Sierra Tejeda contrast here with the blue horizon of the mediterranean sea.

"Blue rider" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


In this category, you will find photographs focused on the detail. Most of all, you will find here old Textures and colorful elements but also photos with a simple graphical approach. These photos are especially nice when few of them are put together.

Sea side by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


When I first discovered Costa Brava in Catalonia I thought It has a perfect score in a beauty. As a result of this surprise, I moved here. I love everything here. In one short trip, you are able to see mountain range of Pirineys and sweet small fisherman villages on the coast of Mediterranean sea.

"Muse" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


Black and White photographs are all about the contrast and the impact on the viewer. As a result of it, there are some subjects where color would be simply distracting.

"La pura forma de belleza" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


We all love animals. But they are not an easy subject to take photographs. Because they continuously move around and never listen to the photographer.  As a result, the patient is the only tactics to take a proper photo of an animal.

"Whiteness" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


White towns, mountain ranges, sandy beaches, spring flowers, and famous dry and hot summers. The unique place which belongs neither to Africa nor to Europe.

"Rush hours" by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.


For the most visitor to Cuba, this country will appear at least as a time travel. I have felt as I moved back to the communist times of my childhood. But Cuba is definitely not a gray place. Caribean sea, colorful cars, and beautiful people make this place appear as a wonderland.

Small - All sizes framed in Miro hands by Miro Slavin Szwajcarzewski.